Rupes Coarse Microfiber Pad 80/100 2er Pack


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The coarse microfiber pads are designed for removing heavy swirl marks, scratches and oxidation from any color paintwork. They are the ideal partner of random orbital polishers. The cutting version features a less dense microfiber and is perfect to use with high performance D-A COARSE polishing compound. The special microfiber allows for the true correction power of the product used and for maximum product coverage to achieve the highest quality results on ceramic lacquer.

The unique microfiber is engineered to deliver high performance cutting on the hardest paints. The one-piece molded design gives BigFoot Microfiber Pads the strength to work with the large diameter orbital movement designed by RUPES and the patented spiral slots are arranged in particular arcs so they interface with the venting holes on the backing plates they mount to and reduce heat buildup on the polishing surface


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