Bad Boys Finish Politur 250ml


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Finish Polishing Paste

Bad Boys Fine Finish Polishing Paste is a professional fine-grained finishing paste with the highest possible level of gloss from all pastes in the Bad Boys series. Designed for immediate removal of slight imperfections in the paint and giving the surface a mirror shine. Optimized to obtain the best results during the third stage of paint correction, as well as work on fresh or soft painted surfaces. Designed for immediate removal of slight imperfections in the paint and giving the surface a mirror shine. The paste formula enables easy removal of paint defects such as micro scratches, swirl marks or holograms. It does not contain silicons and fillers, and dusting during machine polishing has been reduced to a minimum, making it suitable for work in paint shops as well as a professional detailing studios. In combination with the Bad Boys series of pads, the paste allows you to get the best effect of paint correction. Designed for use with all types of polishing machines. The product has been enriched with a fragrance composition, which additionally makes the work more pleasant. Bad Boys Fine Finish Polishing Paste is the third step in the three-stage polishing system.




• Easy and quick to work with

• Very high gloss level

• Low level of abrasion

• No added silicone or fillers

• Low dusting

• Easy removal of residues

• Suitable for all types of polishing machines

• For use with foam pads

• Free from harmful solvents


Directions for use:

• Shake the bottle well before use to thoroughly mix the paste ingredients

• Apply an appropriate amount of the product to the polishing pad.

• Use the machine to spread the paste over the paintwork at low speed

• Work on small areas, adjusting machine speed and pressure appropriately

• Constantly control the temperature of the paintwork in order not to overheat it

• Work with moderate pressure until a characteristic film appears on the paint surface.

• Remove polishing paste residues with a soft microfiber.

• Verify the effects of the correction on an ongoing basis using an inspection flashlight and an inspection fluid

• Repeat the operation if necessary

• Be sure to use your preferred LSP after correction

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