Bad Boys Ceramic Hydro Wax PRO 5 Liter


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BadBoys Ceramic Hydro Wax – highly concentrated hydro wax. The preparation can be used for all types and colors of car paints. It is safe for previously applied protective coatings.



– secures

– dries car paint

– shines

– makes the paint slippery, thanks to which the car stays clean longer

– leaves a hydrophobic effect

– pleasant fragrance of men’s perfume


Recommended especially for use in automatic and manual car washes.


Dilution:Recommended up to 1:100 (very good hydrophobic effect)Dehumidification 1:200 to even 1:500


Recommendations:- Store in a dry and cool place at a temperature of 5 – 25 ⁰C- Do not expose the product to freezing or overheating- Shake before use- Test in an inconspicuous place before use- Do not leave the product to dry

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